New Release: Headlining

Hi scrappers! If you’re a template addict like me, you will love this week’s new release from Amanda Yi Designs..

Headlining is a set of newspaper-inspired 12×12 templates, with room for photos and enough space to tell the whole story.


Take a peek at these fun templates in action:





Pick up Headlining from Amanda Yi Designs now while they are on sale through the weekend.


Snowstorms and rescheduling

Perhaps the best part of a Nor’easter (especially when I don’t LIVE where it is hitting, and merely trying to get there for work and out) is that it is an unexpected halt of all normal activity. A chance to snuggle up and recharge, perhaps. Maybe not every time, and mostly it is a lot of inconvenience, but sometimes we just get to stop everything ‘normal’ and figure out what the day will actually bring.

Today and tomorrow I get a bit of time at home I didn’t expect, and although I still have to work, I’m not dealing with airports and cancelled flights, as I would have if there weren’t a big storm hitting the east coast this evening. I’ll take some time to scrapbook, as that is my happy place.

I also enjoy searching around for inspiration when I have some unexpected time. I’d been holding onto this link for awhile, for Art, Create & Grangerizing.  I don’t know what that all means, and the words aren’t in English, but photos speak volumes, and hers are so fun to look at! I could wander through here getting ideas for a long while.

Then we have sites like this one called Simple Stories, and there is so much to browse through. I love this layout. There are so free downloads too, if you click through them.


My very favorite thing at this site is the wreath. I REALLY want to make one. I NEED to. Maybe for next year. Isn’t it gorgeous?



So many places to click and explore, like The Digital Press, where you’ll find great layouts like this one, by Melissa Marti.


Whatever you choose to do when you have a ‘snow day’ – or any time to just relax and veg a bit, it’s a good time. So relax, enjoy, and don’t spend every single minute on Pinterest!   Winking smile



Sneak Peek::Be Bold Collab

I’m a sucker for a good collaboration.  And when the collab includes two of my most favorite designers, well, it’s eye candy for sure.

Amanda Yi Designs and Studio Flergs have teamed up for an illuminating kit called “Be Bold”.  This scrapbook kit is filled to the brim with brightness, from glimmering golds and goldenrod yellow, to the vivid pop of sizzling pink.  Set these colors against black and white and I am in complete and utter heaven.

Ok, every one take a sigh.  Breathe deeply.

Here’s your sneak peek for What’s Coming Thursday.  It truly is torture to wait, I know.  But patience is becoming my mantra for the year. 😀


And here’s a little preview of a sparkling Layout that CTM Keley, created with this divine kit.


Seriously, I know drool is bad for computers, but I can’t help it.  Check back tomorrow for the full reveal of Be Bold.

Sketches and scraplifting

I’ve likely mentioned my love of (addiction to) templates. If not, take this as fair warning.

Many scrappers never use templates, instead creating wonderful works of art with just their ideas and the elements of a kit. I wish I could do that regularly, and turn out pages that are different and awesome. While it might work once in awhile for me, I need a starting point, or all my layouts would look too similar to one another.

But, templates themselves are not necessarily required when starting a page, as there are also many sketches out there that can be used for the bones of a layout. Sketches are universal, and can be just a simple outline of where to put the photos, or can give you a detailed picture to use as your instructions for placement of everything, as this one does.

Take a look at this fantastic and fun sketch from Basic Grey. I can follow this guide, and either stick pretty true, or make my own modifications, and either way I’ll have created a super cool page.

BasicGrey Scrapbook Sketch | Valerie Salmon - cute & I already have in my head the second page...

Then there is this page I just made the other day. It features an adorable kit that is COMING SOON! by Simple Pleasure Designs, called Crazy for You.


I saw a layout using that pinwheel look in back (thanks to Anita!) and replicated it myself.


Only after that I realized, since it was a bit difficult to replicate well, this was a template by Cindy Schneider, so I went shopping! Yes, even though I scraplifted, I *NEEDED* that template!

Cindy's Layered Templates - Set 189 by Cindy Schneider

And now I have more cool templates to play with. 

Do you have a favorite place to find sketches or ideas to scraplift? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. We can all use inspiration to keep our layouts fresh and new!


Have a wonderful day, I’ll see you next Monday!


New Release: Project Weekly

If you’re after a clean and modern way to date your weekly pages, you can’t go past Project Weekly, this week’s new release from Amanda Yi Designs.


These versatile cards come in 3 versions, black, white and craft, and are a great addition to your weekly PL spreads.

Check out these awesome cards in action:





Pick up Project Weekly at Amanda Yi Designs‘ store now, while they are on sale through the weekend.


It’s another Monday! Okay, I’m not super enthused about Mondays, but in the grand scheme of things I like to look at it as another day of possibilities, a start to a bright new week, the day when I can see Friday only 4 days away…..  well, what can I say? Eternal optimist here.


In my quest to bring motivating moments to your Monday, this popped up on my Facebook feed. I don’t use PS/E myself for scrapping, but I know most of you do. Regardless, this is perfectly illustrated for ANY scrapping program user – and will even translate perfectly to traditional papers and items! I love a tutorial that crosses all borders. Check out ForeverJoy and her excellent layering instructions here.




Also in the spirit of creating something, I want to create more interest in my journaling. This is a fun way to do it. I go to Journaling Prompts, I pick a day, and I click randomly. See the prompt that popped up? I can choose to use it, or perhaps not, or not right now, but can write it down for a future layout. Whatever it takes to be successful. It motivates me.




We can create with words, or with images, with bits of paper, or just with our attitudes. How do you plan to create YOUR day?


Happy Scrapping!


New Release: Recharge

This week’s release from Amanda Yi Designs is a beautiful kit with a great message: take time for yourself and Recharge.


There is also a coordinating pack of Recharge journal cards that compliments the kit perfectly.


There is no shortage of creative team layouts to show off this fabulous kit. Take a look:


I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an absolute must-have kit. Head on over to Amanda Yi Designs and buy Recharge and the matching Recharge journal cards. They are on sale through the weekend.