Snowstorms and rescheduling

Perhaps the best part of a Nor’easter (especially when I don’t LIVE where it is hitting, and merely trying to get there for work and out) is that it is an unexpected halt of all normal activity. A chance to snuggle up and recharge, perhaps. Maybe not every time, and mostly it is a lot of inconvenience, but sometimes we just get to stop everything ‘normal’ and figure out what the day will actually bring.

Today and tomorrow I get a bit of time at home I didn’t expect, and although I still have to work, I’m not dealing with airports and cancelled flights, as I would have if there weren’t a big storm hitting the east coast this evening. I’ll take some time to scrapbook, as that is my happy place.

I also enjoy searching around for inspiration when I have some unexpected time. I’d been holding onto this link for awhile, for Art, Create & Grangerizing.  I don’t know what that all means, and the words aren’t in English, but photos speak volumes, and hers are so fun to look at! I could wander through here getting ideas for a long while.

Then we have sites like this one called Simple Stories, and there is so much to browse through. I love this layout. There are so free downloads too, if you click through them.


My very favorite thing at this site is the wreath. I REALLY want to make one. I NEED to. Maybe for next year. Isn’t it gorgeous?



So many places to click and explore, like The Digital Press, where you’ll find great layouts like this one, by Melissa Marti.


Whatever you choose to do when you have a ‘snow day’ – or any time to just relax and veg a bit, it’s a good time. So relax, enjoy, and don’t spend every single minute on Pinterest!   Winking smile




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