It’s another Monday! Okay, I’m not super enthused about Mondays, but in the grand scheme of things I like to look at it as another day of possibilities, a start to a bright new week, the day when I can see Friday only 4 days away…..  well, what can I say? Eternal optimist here.


In my quest to bring motivating moments to your Monday, this popped up on my Facebook feed. I don’t use PS/E myself for scrapping, but I know most of you do. Regardless, this is perfectly illustrated for ANY scrapping program user – and will even translate perfectly to traditional papers and items! I love a tutorial that crosses all borders. Check out ForeverJoy and her excellent layering instructions here.




Also in the spirit of creating something, I want to create more interest in my journaling. This is a fun way to do it. I go to Journaling Prompts, I pick a day, and I click randomly. See the prompt that popped up? I can choose to use it, or perhaps not, or not right now, but can write it down for a future layout. Whatever it takes to be successful. It motivates me.




We can create with words, or with images, with bits of paper, or just with our attitudes. How do you plan to create YOUR day?


Happy Scrapping!



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