A new year!!

Starting fresh seems to always encompass resolutions or goals that are often too easy to fall by the wayside.

I’m thinking that just trying something new might be a ‘good enough’ goal. Like this – image is linked for a site showing COOL ways to use tension rods. I’ll be headed to WalMart to give some of these ideas a shot. The image is idea 4, 6 and 13 are MUST DO’s, too!

Along the trying something new vein, sometimes just incorporating the new thing into an existing habit is a good way to help it ‘stick.’ I keep an excel spreadsheet with my layouts by file name (saved as jpgs) and the designer credits, as well as columns for anywhere I post them. I’ve added a couple of columns this year  -one is to say ‘y’ (for yes) if the layout has been resized. Most galleries require a layout to be 600×600 pixels or less. I use PicResize to do mine.


Here is a screen shot of my current year spreadsheet. It isn’t fancy or all prettied up, but it is functional. And I open it EVERY time I finish a layout. I’m pleased to see I have already completed 15 layouts this year!

In the spirit of incorporating something new, you might decide to comment on a few blog posts that interest you this year (since you read them anyway!) You might ‘like’ layouts you see on Facebook groups, rather than just thinking it to yourself when you scroll through.

Whatever it is, it is a NEW YEAR, a great time to reassess, and to move forward! Enjoy 2015~~ make it a great one!



2 thoughts on “A new year!!

  1. Really enjoyed reading this! Loved seeing the peek at your scrapbook organization spreadsheet! You are organized for sure!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Francine! I appreciate it! And I’m a bit of a nut with organization. I try to add on to whatever system I’ve found works for me when I find something that holds my attention. This system has, for a year now! I started it the beginning of 2014, and find that I’ve got it refined very nicely. I also LOVE knowing how many layouts I’ve done!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

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