Sketches and scraplifting

I’ve likely mentioned my love of (addiction to) templates. If not, take this as fair warning.

Many scrappers never use templates, instead creating wonderful works of art with just their ideas and the elements of a kit. I wish I could do that regularly, and turn out pages that are different and awesome. While it might work once in awhile for me, I need a starting point, or all my layouts would look too similar to one another.

But, templates themselves are not necessarily required when starting a page, as there are also many sketches out there that can be used for the bones of a layout. Sketches are universal, and can be just a simple outline of where to put the photos, or can give you a detailed picture to use as your instructions for placement of everything, as this one does.

Take a look at this fantastic and fun sketch from Basic Grey. I can follow this guide, and either stick pretty true, or make my own modifications, and either way I’ll have created a super cool page.

BasicGrey Scrapbook Sketch | Valerie Salmon - cute & I already have in my head the second page...

Then there is this page I just made the other day. It features an adorable kit that is COMING SOON! by Simple Pleasure Designs, called Crazy for You.


I saw a layout using that pinwheel look in back (thanks to Anita!) and replicated it myself.


Only after that I realized, since it was a bit difficult to replicate well, this was a template by Cindy Schneider, so I went shopping! Yes, even though I scraplifted, I *NEEDED* that template!

Cindy's Layered Templates - Set 189 by Cindy Schneider

And now I have more cool templates to play with. 

Do you have a favorite place to find sketches or ideas to scraplift? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. We can all use inspiration to keep our layouts fresh and new!


Have a wonderful day, I’ll see you next Monday!



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