Focus. Click. Repeat.

It’s just so easy to take pictures today, isn’t it? We whip out our cell phone, and we have immediate results. If we don’t like something about the photo we just do it again.

We have selfies, and tons of scenery shots, and every. one. of. babies first steps! We can switch to movie mode, and get some video. One of my favorite things is to add those videos to my layouts with a QR code. Have you ever tried that? So easy! This is the one I use: Unitag, but check out just one of the tutorials at the Daily Digi.



Here is a layout I did using a QR code I made. Feel free to view it! I love my point and shoot camera for this – it takes a bit of video right before the ‘snap’ so there are moments caught I’d never have gotten otherwise!


Being able to take so very many photos ALL the time means I have to DO something with them. I’m not a big believer of having them sit on my hard drive. So – I scrap! Anything and everything having to do with our lives, my thoughts, the day to day minutiae as well as the big things.

Reminds me of a fun new kit, giving us lots of scrapping opportunity for all those random photos! Its a fun collab by Amanda Yi and Sweet Caroline Studios called Focus  Click Repeat!


No matter how you take photos, remember to print them one way or another, so people can enjoy them!

Happy Scrapping!



New Release: Focus Click Repeat

I am always on the lookout for kits that I can use to scrap those everyday photos I take. This week’s new release from Amanda Yi Designs fits the bill perfectly. Amanda teamed up with Sweet Caroline Studio to create Focus Click Repeat. This collab is filled with papers and little bits and pieces to scrap your everyday moments.


Take a look at the amazing Focus Click Repeat collab in action:








Meliisa H











Head on over to Amanda Yi Designs to purchase Focus Click Repeat while it is on sale through the weekend.

Sneak Peek::Focus.Click.Repeat

Happy Thursday Scrappers!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day and a fabulous fall.  Parents, including this Mom, have taken time out to bring out our camera’s to snap those first day of school pics. Remember those old Polaroid camera’s?  I loved looking at the picture and shaking it a bit to see what we looked like.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Amanda Yi’s new release & collab with Celeste Knight.  This modern take on those simple treasured moments in our lives will cause you to open up this glorious scrap kit over and over to create a layout with this beautiful kit.  Stop on the Amanda Yi Designs shop tomorrow to grab it while it’s on sale.  Best Wishes!


Trying to keep it together…

Two days ago:

I was so excited to get a new computer! One that we specially built, with lots of speed and power. I knew I’d have to deal with Windows 8, and a new look and feel wasn’t too daunting.


There are all these pop ups. All OVER the place, constantly. With no way to close them. And the internet connection keeps saying it has failed. But I can get online.

So. I am frustrated. Hubby is frustrated. I’m sure the new computer would be frustrated if it could talk. I’m sure not finding my happy right now!

I’m trying. I’m happy I still have my other computer, fully operational. I’m using that while hubby fights with the new one.

I could go digi-shop. Perhaps I’ll make a page. I’ll just hope he doesn’t throw the computer against the wall in the meantime.

It is very possible I’ll have to travel next week without the new computer yet. And let’s hope both hubby and I can persevere through whatever the issues are that is keeping it from working.

"The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is not the absence of obstacles, but the presence of perseverance."  -Chris Widener #persevere #quotes #motivation

Wish us luck!


Two restores, multiple times reloading programs, a lot of gnashing of teeth, but I am up and running, and all is good!!! Patience and perseverance pays off! And some digi shopping, as I wasn’t able to scrap much of the weekend.  Winking smile

Instead when I needed a break from aggravation I perused Pinterest, I scanned ScrapStacks, I posted some of my previous pages here and there, and I downloaded some new fonts, I chuckled to Jimmy Fallon You Tube videos.

And now, I can scrap. Faster and smoother than on my old computer. Yeah!


New Release: I Can See Clearly Now

If you love the funky vellum pocket cards from Amanda Yi Designs, you will be thrilled with this week’s new releases. I Can See Clearly Now No. 3 and I Can See Clearly Now No. 4. Two sets of shiny gold and silver pocket cards that are great to add to those PL spreads and equally fun to use on traditional 12×12 layouts.


I Can See Clearly Now No. 3


I Can See Clearly Now No. 4.

Here are some layouts from the Creative Team using these funky cards:







Pretty fun, right? Head on over to Amanda Yi Designs and pick up I Can See Clearly Now No. 3 and I Can See Clearly Now No. 4 while they are on sale through the weekend.