Focus. Click. Repeat.

It’s just so easy to take pictures today, isn’t it? We whip out our cell phone, and we have immediate results. If we don’t like something about the photo we just do it again.

We have selfies, and tons of scenery shots, and every. one. of. babies first steps! We can switch to movie mode, and get some video. One of my favorite things is to add those videos to my layouts with a QR code. Have you ever tried that? So easy! This is the one I use: Unitag, but check out just one of the tutorials at the Daily Digi.



Here is a layout I did using a QR code I made. Feel free to view it! I love my point and shoot camera for this – it takes a bit of video right before the ‘snap’ so there are moments caught I’d never have gotten otherwise!


Being able to take so very many photos ALL the time means I have to DO something with them. I’m not a big believer of having them sit on my hard drive. So – I scrap! Anything and everything having to do with our lives, my thoughts, the day to day minutiae as well as the big things.

Reminds me of a fun new kit, giving us lots of scrapping opportunity for all those random photos! Its a fun collab by Amanda Yi and Sweet Caroline Studios called Focus  Click Repeat!


No matter how you take photos, remember to print them one way or another, so people can enjoy them!

Happy Scrapping!



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