My month of GRATEFUL

This month I decided to challenge myself personally to post, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on my personal Facebook page, something I am grateful for. An immediate, pertaining to that day gratefulness. Not only did I successfully do this, with only a couple of days I missed and had to catch up on, I feel that I could easily continue this, finding something to list that I am honestly grateful for, without repeating myself, for a good long time.  There were days I didn’t know what I’d write ahead of time, but when I was ready to write, something would just pop into my mind.

So many things to list, and it occurs to me that I celebrate those things with my scrapbook layouts. I don’t really have to list them continuously, because I document them in our albums. I could even be grateful for common things – like my morning beverage:



I’m always grateful I know how to make my own templates. I do it lots of ways, as I use a program that is not PS/E, so I am not where most of the templates out there are marketed to. I’m happy that there are so many templates out there to purchase (and lots of freebies!) but it is also very nice to find tutorials like this one from digital scrapper on doing something very easy, and so versatile, to make my layouts.

Here is the blog with the tutorial:

And here is my first layout using it (credits linked).

2014 08 01 fried dough2 - Page 021


Here’s hoping all of you have so much to be grateful for, and that you celebrate those things with abandon!



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