Hey guys! Amanda here to bring you a new weekly post on the AYD blog! I have put my head together with my FAB CT Lead, Teresa and we have tons of new things coming from both the blog and the fan page on a DAILY basis! Tuesdays, here on the blog I will be bringing you all neat DIY projects 🙂 I love getting my hands dirty when I can find the time, and I know some of you do too!

This weeks DIY project has been recently added to my pinterest account, mainly because it’s that time of year, and I need a little fun change in how I do things. I AM TALKING ABOUT THOSE HOLIDAY CARDS, PEOPLE! I have an arch way that separates my living room from the dining room, so I usually grab some scotch tape and hang them up along the sides of the arch way. It’s great, but I do tend to find some on the floor as I walk by, and that gets quite frustrating! And you know what… I want it to look better! LOL. I found this pin from the Thyme and Honey and I HAD to add it to my list of projects to try! I am sure we can all find somethings in our stash and around the house to put something like this together! (the trouble is finding the right spot) but we can make it work, right? 🙂

Looks great right? Yes it will take me some time to get this all together, but I am determined! I love the idea of utilizing washi tape & it won’t ruin the walls, because apparently I did not know that the scotch tape I used the past few years would peel off some paint on the wall! GAH! LOL

Well here is the how to from Thyme is Honey 🙂

“I created this little tree for hanging cards using washi tape, string, a tinsel garland, tacks, a red glitter star from Target and IKEA Riktig clips ($2.99).

Start by placing the tape on the wall in evenly spaced rows, then alternate string/tinsel on each layer using tacks to hold it in place. I also made little ornaments by putting washi tape on paper and cutting them out in circles. Lastly, add the Riktig Clips (from IKEA) to each layer and wait for the cards to arrive in the mail!”

Easy enough right? Well I am going to get started on mine!

Hope you all enjoyed the first ever DIY post from the AYD blog, and here is a lineup each week!

  • Mon – Motivation Monday – A general post from CT member Lori, about whatever intrigues her at the moment 🙂
  • Tue – DIY Tuesday – Fun DIY projects and crafts for the everyday and holidays!
  • Wed – What’s Cookin’ Wednesday – A yummy recipe will be shared!
  • Thur – Sneak Peek Thursday – DUH! Gotta see what’s coming to the AYD shop that week!
  • Fri – New Release Friday – Check out what’s new and some creative inspiration!

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