In the lull….

The week between Christmas and New Year’s has always felt like a time to reflect, to organize, to assess. To gear up but to throttle back. It doesn’t make sense trying to explain, but it feels a bit like a vortex, a few days out of time where normal rules do not apply.

Amanda Yi, whose blog this is, and I am honored to write for, celebrates her birthday in this week. In fact, this very day! Happy Birthday to YOU, Amanda!!!

(And go check out the fantastic chalkboard fonts link she has up on her page – I just downloaded a few more I didn’t have!)

We (I use the collective, all inclusive ‘we’ here) are cleaning up from Christmas, when we were geared up and hoping like crazy to have found the perfect gifts, we’ve had our time together, and are enjoying what we’ve gotten, and the memories we’ve made. We are looking toward the new year, perhaps planning some resolutions, maybe thinking of what time will bring about for changes.

I am no different from anyone else in this regard. However, a few years ago I stopped thinking about resolutions per se, when I began an Art Journaling Caravan, and picked a word for the year, and then words per month. I’ve also dipped into One Little Word, and I have an All About Me book. These all germinate during this week, between the end of the year Christmas craziness and the New Year just ahead. As I write this today I have not yet decided what I might work toward in my journey of self-discovery for 2015. I did just get word that my daughter’s mother-in-law passed away last night. I’m sure that news will affect my thoughts for how I plan to proceed.



All About Me examples (images linked):


For the next day or so I’ll let these ideas float around a bit, and by 1/1/15 I’ll hopefully be ready to commit to something that I’ll at least begin! (Being honest here – I sometimes make a very good start, it is the follow through that becomes the issue, so perhaps THAT should be the REAL goal?)

No matter what you choose for your New Year, I hope it is prosperous, healthy, and fun!

Happy scrapping!



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