It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

A new tradition we began for our grandsons is the Elf on the Shelf. You’d have to really be out of touch to not know what I am referring to. Ours (I use that term loosely, he really hangs out with the boys) is named Fisbee, thanks to a creative then 5yo. Fisbee has found the boys when they are down visiting us, and luckily, knows his way back home, too! And every antic is marveled at with a big smile and lots of delight, and then explained, when asked “HOW did he DO that?” by a totally logical either 6yo or 3yo voice saying, “It’s Christmas magic!”



Fisbee doesn’t perform some of the ‘naughty’ stunts that I see so many other elves up to (have you searched Pinterest lately?) I like the idea that since he is reporting to Santa on the behavior of the boys that he not be a bad influence. He likes to climb and hang upside down, and borrow an occasional toy of theirs, but he doesn’t make messes or do things he’d get in trouble for.

There are TONS of elf kits out there. Have you found them? If you want the most darling freebie (and it coordinates with her newest kit if you want TONS of papers and elements) Simple Pleasure Designs by Jennifer Fehr is where to start.

In fact, today she’s beginning her 12 Days of Christmas, and offering one collection each day for 40% off!

If you are in the mood for browsing a few other kits, here are some (images all linked) that I also like!


My Shelf Elf - KitSanta's Helper - KitChristmas Countdown by JB Studio


Is your house looking a lot like Christmas?

Happy Scrapping!



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