Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I’m always thankful to find digi goodness, and a new digital store is opening with lots of favorite designers!

The Digital Press seems to have quite a sense of humor (have you seen the video announcement? Click to check it out!) and they’ve been keeping us excited with all kinds of fun stuff on their Facebook page.

I’ll be checking them out, especially as exploring that site will be FAR more fun than most other Black Friday things, involving people and stores and CRAZINESS!

Actually, I don’t go shopping for BF. I’m a huge fan of staying home, hibernating, eating leftovers. This year FAMILY is coming for the holiday, and our house will be overrun! It’ll be crazy enough with people right here, without ever leaving home!

However, we are planning to go to the local Space and Rocket Center.

I’m wondering if it will be busy, or pretty quiet, that day? Regardless, it will be with family, including 3 grandsons, who should have almost as much fun there as their Grampy!

Do you have traditions for Thanksgiving you have begun or are looking forward to this week? And for those of you north of the border, I know you had your Thanksgiving last month, so are heavy into the Christmas season already! I do sometimes wish our Thanksgiving were earlier, as I’m not ready for holiday spirit until the day AFTER the turkey!

Family Life. Simplified. has some Thanksgiving traditions that are interesting.

If you want to know more about the holiday, How Stuff Works can help you.

What about knowing more about the Macy’s parade?

And the holy grail of ideas is on Pinterest, find lots of great decorating ideas another other thankful things easily – but don’t forget to come up for air for family time!

And, whether you are in the states ready to eat lots of turkey on Thursday, or are elsewhere in the world, enjoy your week, and happy scrapping!



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