We can do anything!

LBscraps here, and every once in awhile I see something that just stops me in my tracks. Sometimes it is a small, nearly inconsequential thing, that I just happen to notice. Other times it is so big and powerful it literally leaves me reeling. Nick Vujicic made me laugh, and made me cry.



Besides the message to school kids about bullying, doesn’t seeing something like this make you realize how our excuses really hobble us? It can be so easy to say ‘we can’t’ when the actual message is ‘we won’t’ or ‘we don’t want to.’

I try to be conscious of that word – can’t – and eliminate it from my vocabulary. I hear it come out of my mouth on occasion, and I don’t like it. I really don’t like it when I hear someone else saying it. I’d like to berate them for putting that silly idea into their heads, telling themselves they are not capable of whatever it is, when really, they are choosing NOT to do it.

I like finding things I CAN do – things to try, things to add to my repertoire, like learning to spell that word! Thank you, spell check!

In that spirit, here’s something I saw earlier that I need to remember. I see a lot of digital washi, and often just ignore it in a kit. I’m not sure how to use it, although I do the first thing when I really try to use it.

Take a look at some of the great tips Julie Southern has on using that washi tape. SO cute! I CAN do this!!!

Sherwood Studio Digital Designs by Julie Southern

Have a great week, and listen to how often you hear – or say – the word ‘can’t’ – let’s see if you can eliminate it from your vocabulary for a week!




One thought on “We can do anything!

  1. Enjoyed the tips for using washi tape by Julie Southern…it’s not just for ‘taping’ things down! I loved the one where it was used to make a frame around the picture of the dog.

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