A month of grateful

I haven’t ever done the challenges for posting something I’m grateful for, or a blessing, each month.While I’m not ‘officially’ doing any specific challenge, I’ve decided this is a perfect time to go for it.

Of course, I’ll put together a little book with each of them on a page – 4×6. Probably no photos, just the words and some decoration.

Why now? Why not? It will be a nice thing to look back on in years to come. What was special about my life in 2014, and what meant the most to me…

I don’t have any links for you to explore this week, but I guarantee, if you go searching you’ll find lots of them doing this very thing.


Me? I’m posting on my personal Facebook wall, and will assemble onto my little pages (think Project Life style) as I can.


Have a happy week, a wonderful month, and SCRAP ON!




One thought on “A month of grateful

  1. i love what i am seeing on your wall … i love the grateful challenge .. its a great idea and sometimes a real pick me up .. keep up the great work … love love love.

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