Make a difference

Sometimes I wonder what I am contributing to the world. So many people do things that impact huge numbers of people, but I don’t aim for that. That type of lofty goal is for politicians, the pope, rock stars. I’m talking about people like this young lady, who makes a difference in day to day life with those around her. Purposefully. Thoughtfully.




That is a far greater thing than any touch I leave, but I like to think I am still leaving a mark, and contributing something to those I love.

I preserve memories. (You likely do too, if you are reading this.)

That’s important.

My kids, my grandkids, and even friends and other family all benefit from my love of storybooking.

I’m working right now on a trip we made in September to the redwoods of California. My aunt thinks my grandmother saw redwoods. Back when she was in her early 20’s, she and some girlfriends took a road trip from Maine, and drove to CA. This wasn’t along the huge highways that stretch now from coast to coast. It certainly wasn’t the time of big chain hotels with some consistency of lodging choices. And it absolutely was not a time, back in the 1930’s, when young women did a trip like that in the usual scheme of things.

She was an adventurer, before she settled down to be a wife and mother.

1965 me and Mimi

                  My Mimi and me, 1965

How I would love to have photos, and the stories, of that time. Her trek. Why she went. The places she saw. I hear she saw Old Faithful. When I stood watching it erupt, I felt my Mimi there with me.

One day, in the far future, I won’t be here. My stories will. Scattered in dozens of albums, as I print hundreds of pages each year (yes, you read that right, I said HUNDREDS), my journey is organized, photographed and journaled, and bound.

I might not be making a huge contribution to the world at large, but I will make a difference to those I love.

Every one of us as scrappers give that legacy to our children, leave that legacy of our lives.

Have a wonderful week!



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