Write about it!

Good Monday morning! My daughter and her hubby got married a few months ago, but they just took off on their honeymoon today, as they couldn’t get vacation sooner. They had a tight connection, exacerbated by a late take off. Consequently, they are at a beach resort with no bathing suit, no change of clothes, no anything.

As a mother it hurts my heart knowing this isn’t going perfectly for her. I HATE when my kids – or grandkids – are upset. I know she’ll survive, and I’m pretty sure that even though they’ll have to go 24hr without their bags (only one Delta flight a day in) it won’t ruin their whole trip. I might seem like it at the moment, but hopefully it will be just a tiny blip in their memories later.

As a documenter, I have to write about it. Writing this out, in fact, helps me put it in perspective. They made the flight themselves. It could have been worse.

Where am I going with this? Well, there are a lot of things I could write about at any given point. But I’m never quite sure what to pull out and jot down, whether it be in a journal or on a page. Consequently I am drawn to anything that helps me get started.



This is a cool site, with all these astericks (***) that you can click on per day, and get a journaling prompt. I can see some pages coming out of this beginning!


Another interesting thing is the ‘list’ Facebook groups. I had no idea, until a friend joined 365/30 Lists: Philofaxers! and I did too, curious. There are nearly 4000 people there right now, with hundreds new in the last month! WOW!!!  A list per month, with a prompt every. single. day!  Not that I’d EVER have the time or inclination to do them all, but to have these readily available is awesome!!! Now that I belong to that one I get invites for several others – who knew?!?!



There are also places like this you can get instruction for building your story. StoryCoach is kind of cool, and I’ve used it – I just need to KEEP using things like this, to get the words down, as much as I get the photos onto the page!


If there are great sites or apps or recommendation you’d have for journaling and writing prompts, I’d love for you to share in the comments! I’m always looking for a new way to get everything into my layouts. Who’s with me!?

Have a great week!



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