Keep calm, and scrap on!


It’s Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. and this is day 3 of lotsa scrapping for me! I’ve long said scrapping is my sanity, and even when I hit a wall or have some issue with it, I’d still rather be scrapping than nearly anything else.

If I were designing a “Keep Calm And….”  I’d say “Keep calm and scrap on.”

This is a close second, though! Thanks to FiddleDeeDee, who is certainly a template queen!

I do love templates! Templates allow much more speed in my layouts, and to not have them all look cookie cutter, as they force me outside of my comfort zone. Have you tried laying out a few templates, then just filling them in with photos and making your pages around that? It makes the process quite fast for me, and isn’t it rewarding to have finished layouts?

If you are looking for other designers who turn out a TON of templates, try these two, both at PickleBerryPop –Two Tiny Turtles and PrelestnayaP.   A huge variety of looks to keep you scrapping on! I decided to work with one in a style I haven’t tried before – see below!

And while I’m not in any way ready to say goodbye to summer, this new kit from Amanda Yi makes me itch to fill in some of those templates with all this fall goodness!

***(Images all linked!)***

So, I did! Here is my layout, with all the pieces of Autumn Days, and a PrelestnayaP template – Full Of Memories Vol9. Totally out of my comfort zone. And I LOVE it!

2014 08 30 I am ready for today - Page 093

Your turn! Tell me, what is your “Keep Calm and….?”

And then go do some of it! Have a super week!



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