Make it YOURS!

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Hello digiscrappers!  LBscraps here to give you a little mojo to dig into your current stash and make a layout that is customized to what YOU want.

Templates are such a huge help when you are stuck for a starting point. If I have a kit and some photos I hate wasting time thinking “what next?” What do I do? I open my templates folder, into a large icon view, and I scroll through looking for something that tickles my fancy. Then I go about changing it to what I want it to be!

The other day I found this GREAT set of tips that sums up many of the things I do myself, to make a template fit my needs.

9 Ideas for Using Scrapbook Page Templates and Sketches in Ways that Make Them Your Own

Rotating, changing the size of the photo, changing proportions, changing out the foundational pieces, adding rows or columns, switching up the orientation of things on the template, splitting up a large photo into multiples, changing the balance visually, not using a photo spot for a photo. Yep, done them all!

Here is one that illustrates one of the changes. Here is my final result (Image is linked for credits):

2014 07 31 first bike ride - right side - Page 007

The template begins like this:


I added two matted photos in a line with the existing ones. I shifted everything slightly so it fit nicely. I went from 3 photos on the layout to 5, and totally maintained the original ‘look.’

Another great set of tips is by MemoryClips. The 3 R’s of templates – have a look!

My layout is using the Digiscrap Parade for August – Authentic. If you haven’t gotten it yet, grab it now!! Seriously, do it!

There are SO MANY pieces here you can make tons of layouts without ever having to duplicate anything!! Our own Amanda Yi has a stop in the parade too – how cool are these?

For this week, shop from your own stash of templates and find a way to make one your very own! We’d love to see what you do, and if you’d like, post on Amanda’s Facebook page so we can give you lots of love!

Have a wonderful week, see you next Monday!



2 thoughts on “Make it YOURS!

  1. I love what you did with the “A Bucket Full of Memories 6” templates by Two Tiny Turtles. I love that set. It is very versatile and I will definitely use these templates in the ways you described to get even more use out of them. This was a great post!

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