Are You Happy?!?!


If not, maybe this will help a bit!

80-odd years of happy


I couldn’t help but smile, and even dance around a little in my seat, while I was watching!

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

BBC School Radio: Nursery rhymes and songs - If you're happy and you know it

Now that we’ve had a little happy fun, let’s find a few other things to make us smile. How about this, from


Then we have this happy family, courtesy of

And I’m thinking I must **NEED** a hedgehog!

Speaking of cute animal photos, how about finding or taking a photo of one of your snuggly animals, and make a layout? Here is a recent most adorable layout I’ve found. It makes me just want to curl up with a soft little kitty furball.

Layout by Sharon Gardnwings.


If you want lots of great digi-goodness that demonstrates “Happy” very nicely, cruise on over to Pixels and Company. There is Amanda’s This Month: August Bundle.

You’ll also find Happy Ever After – the Elements, are linked here, and don’t forget to also find the coordinating papers, alpha, journal cards and flairs!

Have a HAPPY week, and I’ll see you next Monday!




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