Welcome to Motivation Monday!

This is LBscraps – some of you already know me, maybe as LoriB. A little about me:

I live in Alabama, I am from Maine (where our families remain) and I have been married for a very long time  Winking smile   We have two grown daughters, and 3 grandsons. And one very LARGE dog. He features on as many of my layouts and the grandsons! I love digital scrapbooking, and am honored to be on Amanda’s team!


I plan to motivate you every Monday – sometimes with a digital tip, perhaps a hybrid project, maybe a list of fonts, some photography tips, or even just a quote to jumpstart your layout. Amanda has given me carte blanche to find fun stuff to share, and that is something I really enjoy!

To start out Motivation Monday, this being the very first one, I am going to show you a couple of my very favorite places to find great tips and advice. I’m a huge fan of Facebook, so most of the time I’ll point you that way.

The first is Nick Kelsh’s How to Photograph Your Baby. Contrary to the name, it is not specific to babies, and totally applicable to anything you might want to photograph. Head over there to find out what makes this photo so perfect!

(Hint: Everyone needs a straight man.)

The second place is ScrapStacks. If you’ve never explored that site, oh, the cool ideas that are awaiting you! Since I’m still in the introduction phase, feel free to check out my stacks. I’m LBscraps, and I organize mine by the designers where I am on their creative teams, and I also have some misc stacks.

Make sure when you are perusing through you visit the ScrapStacks Blog. Lots of great stuff there all the time! Like this layout from Sharon Gardnwings, and her fantastic blog about Vintage Disney. (They are having a summer long Magical tour of Disney that it isn’t too late to read about!)

Thank you for joining me today, and I hope Motivation Monday will keep you coming back to see what fun stuff I’ve discovered!

OH!!! Geez, I almost forgot to mention! Don’t forget that our own Amanda Yi Designs has great kits to keep you motivated! Keep an eye on her Facebook page to know what’s up and to see all the latest goodies!

Thank you, Amanda, for letting me play um, WORK here with you! It’s going to be fun fun FUN! And remember~



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