Motivation Monday 5/12 – “Think Outside the Card”

Hey there! It’s the start of a new week – Hope all of you mothers out there had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day 🙂 – Today, I bring you a little motivation for your scrapping needs.

The saying goes “Think Outside the Box” – right?! Well today I want you to think outside the CARD – By card I mean those awesome journaling and filler cards. Try using the card for another purpose other than it is intended for!

Check out this filler card from my This Month | May | Bundle that released this past weekend. It says “comeplete and total FAIL” – So the intended use of this card is to highlight an EPIC FAIL moment, right? Well that’s what I made it for!


Well, CT member Kari had something else in mind for this card. She used it as part of her title. However, that title is not documenting an EPIC FAIL moment. In fact, it is saying the EXACT OPPOSITE! “Will Not Fail” was the route she decided to go with. Kari thought outside the “card” and therefor thought outside the “box” – Check out here page below and don’t forget to leave some lovin’ on it in the TDC gallery!

Neat, right!? All it takes is a little bit of imagination and of course thinking outside the “box” – So give it a shot, explore the possibilities those cards can do! Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

Happy Scrapping!

Amanda xo


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